ISO 37001

Our methods
LMDL assists you in various aspects contributing to obtaining ISO 37001 certification and therefore use different methods and tools. Since we, at LMDL, are convinced that a standardised approach cannot address the plurality of organisational challenges, we offer a custom-made approach, adapted to the level of maturity of your internal control and your anti-corruption culture as well as the characteristics and constraints of your organisation.
Implementation of an anti-corruption programme compliant with ISO 37001 standard

As part of the support in ISO 37001 certification, Le Management des Liens can assist you on all or parts of the process:

  • Awareness-raising of ISO 37001 standard of senior management and/or staff
    Ensuring the success of your certification means promoting the wide assimilation of the standard requirements. We offer to implement custom-made awareness-raising actions to best answer your needs.
  • Situational analysis of your organisation in the light of the standard requirements
    The measures that need to be implemented to comply with ISO standard must be suited to your structure. We offer to do a situational analysis of your organisation, enabling us to make recommendations in line with your level of maturity and compliance with the standard requirements.
  • Corruption risk assessment and mapping, and development of a related plan of actions
    Key tool for detection and prevention, the corruption risk mapping (corruption, influence peddling, misappropriation of public funds, favouritism, illegal taking of interest, extorsion by public officials) enables you to clearly identify the risks your company might face and establish a plan of action to secure them.
  • Support for documentary traceability and management system compliance with ISO 37001 standard requirements
    Depending on your level of maturity, we assist you in drafting your corpus of documents and in establishing your anti-bribery management system.
  • Test of your anti-bribery management system and preparation for certification
    We support you in verifying that the implemented system is well respected and/or assimilated within your organisation. We then assist you in the possible adjustment of your system and the preparation of your employees for the certification audit.
Review and improvement of your anti-corruption management system in compliance with ISO 37001 standard

If you have already started an ISO 37001 certification process, LMDL helps you to review and improve the anti-corruption measures at work within your organisation to obtain or renew your certification.

  • Overall diagnosis of your anti-bribery management system
    Documented and independent, this diagnosis is a review of all your processes in line with ISO 37001 standard requirements (review of your corpus of documents, interviews, etc.).
  • Specific diagnosis of the methods of conception and implementation of your anti-bribery management system
    As part of this specific diagnosis, a review of all the measures contributing to the performance of your anti-bribery management system will be carried out (risk mapping, internal whistleblowing system, adoption of a code of conduct, third-party due diligence, internal control, etc.)
  • Recommendations
    A concrete plan of action will be developed; it will aim to reduce the gap between your anti-bribery management system and ISO 37001 standard requirements.

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