ISO 37001

Support for ISO 37001

Ethics, probity, and the fight against corruption are at the core of your values? ISO 37001 will help you to permanently incorporate these principles within your management system. From risks mapping, through third party assessment to the implementation of your anti-bribery management system (ABMS), LMDL assists you in obtaining ISO 37001 certification.
What is ISO 37001?

ISO 37001 is an international management system standard recognised in 163 countries, which enables any organisation to effectively fight against corruption and promote an ethical culture within it.  

It ensures private and public organisations the compliance of its anti-bribery management system with regulatory requirements worldwide. 

Who is ISO 37001 for?

ISO 37001 is accessible to any public, private or non-profit sectors organisation, regardless of type, size, and nature of activity. The requirements are generic and intended to be applicable to all organisations: their implementation is reasonable and proportionate. 

Why choose to be ISO 37001 certified?

Obtaining ISO 37001 helps your organisation to:  

  • Fight against corruption 

The ISO 37001 standard gives requirements and guidance for the establishment and the implementation of an anti-bribery management system within your organisation, recognised internationally. 

  • Enhance your reputation and access new markets 

It enables you to convey a positive image to your clients, suppliers, and partners, while gaining a competitive edge to secure or develop your market shares. 

  • Reduce the risk of legal actions 

In case of a legal investigation, ISO 37001 can be used to prove that reasonable and proportionate measures have been implemented to prevent corruption. 

  • Promote ethics, strengthen your brand image, and attract upcoming talents 

ISO 37001 can help you attract upcoming talents who pay special attention to the duty of an organisation to lead by example. 

Our conviction

LMDL is convinced that ISO 37001 is not an end in itself, but rather a means of improving the performance of your organisation by constantly incorporating it in a continuous improvement approach. Being certified also means deploying an effective and internationally recognised anti-corruption programme and conveying a positive image of your organisation.

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