Sapin II

Our methods
LMDL assists you in various aspects contributing to the compliance of your organisation with the Sapin II law requirements and therefore use different methods and tools. Our custom-made support adapts to the level of maturity of your organisation in terms of prevention and detection of corruption to provide value-added answers and ensure the long-term efficiency of the implemented system.
Implementation of an anti-corruption programme in compliance with the Sapin II law requirements

To help your company comply with the Sapin II law requirements, Le Management des Liens can assist you in all or parts of the process:

  • Awareness-raising to the Sapin II law requirements and the risk-based approach
    Complying with the Sapin II law requirements requires a good understanding of the legal framework regulating the anti-corruption action as well as the challenges of a risk-based approach. We thus offer custom-made awareness-raising actions to meet your needs.
  • Situational analysis of your organisation considering the legal requirements and the Agence Française Anti-corruption’s guidelines
    We offer to do a situational analysis enabling us to make recommendations in line with your level of maturity and compliance with legal requirements and the AFA’s guidelines
  • Flash diagnosis
    We carry out a flash diagnosis of your anti-corruption programme considering the 8 mandatory requirements of the law.
  • Corruption risk assessment and mapping and development of a related plan of action
    Key tool for detection and prevention, the corruption risk mapping enables you to clearly identify the risks your company might face, rank them, and establish a plan of action to secure them.
  • Support to the implementation of your anti-corruption compliance programme
    We assist you in the development and implementation of your corpus of documents (Code of Conduct, procedures, etc.) and more broadly, of your anti-corruption programme (implementation of an adapted internal whistleblowing system, training sessions, etc.).
  • Test of your anti-corruption compliance programme
    We support you in verifying that the implemented system is well respected and/or assimilated within your organisation. We then assist you in the possible adjustment of your system.
Review and improvement of your anti-corruption system in anticipation of a potential AFA audit

Among its missions, the Agence Française Anti-corruption established by the Sapin II Law, controls the effectiveness of the anti-corruption programmes implemented by organisations. Thus, if you already have anti-corruption measures in force within your organisation and wish to prepare for a possible audit mission conducted by the AFA, LMDL helps you review and improve your system.

  • Overall diagnosis of your anti-corruption programme
    We review your anti-corruption programme considering the provisions of the law and the AFA’s guidelines on the 8 mandatory requirements. We then make recommendations aiming to strengthen your programme.
  • Specific diagnosis of the methods of conception and implementation of your anti-corruption programme
    We carry out a specific diagnosis on one or several mandatory measures enforced by the Sapin II law (Code of Conduct, risk mapping, internal whistleblowing system, third-party due diligence, awareness-raising and training, etc.). We then make recommendations aiming to strength your anti-corruption programme.

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